How to Request Services

  1. 1.Request a consultation

    Use the inquiry form to contact the office via email, Line, or Facebook. You can also call us at +81-(0)977-24-2542. Zoom meetings are also available for individuals who do not live nearby.

    The first one-hour consultation is free. The fee for subsequent consultations is 5,500 yen (tax inclusive) per 30 minutes.


  2. 2.Contract

    If, after consultation, you decide to retain our firm, we will prepare a contract for services.

    Depending on the case, we may ask you to pay an advance upon the conclusion of the contract.

    Click here for our full rates

  3. 3.Complete your application and prepare documents

    We will conduct hearings to improve your chances of obtaining approval for your status of residence (visa) and prepare the application forms according to each client’s circumstances. We kindly ask our clients to prepare the necessary documents. If you sign up for the Full Support Plan, our office will collect the necessary documents on your behalf.

  4. 4.Submit application to the Immigration Bureau

  5. 5.Receive results

    If a proxy application (application on behalf of the client) is filed, our office will receive the results in two to four months. If you are applying for a Certificate of Eligibility, the certificate itself will be delivered; however, if you have filed an Application for Change in Status of Residence or an Application for Extension of Period of Stay, you will be notified of the results by postcard.

  6. 6.Pick up your Residence Card

    When applying for permission to change your status of residence or extend your period of stay, our office will pick up your new Residence Card at the Immigration Bureau.

    * The fee for issuing a new Residence Card is 4,000 yen. Please sign the payment form and make payment.

  7. 7.Visa applications and further instructions

    We will give you your Certificate of Eligibility and new Residence Card. Please pay the contingency fee at this point. If you are overseas, we will explain how you can apply for your visa.

If your application is rejected

It is not always possible to obtain permission for status of residence (visa). If your application is rejected, we will ask the Immigration Bureau the reason for the rejection and take full responsibility for reapplying.


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