Available Services

We provide the following services for foreign residents, companies that employ foreign residents, and Japanese nationals living abroad.

* Document translation services are available from English into Japanese and Indonesian into Japanese.
* With regard to Business Manager visas, we also provide support for establishing a company and securing various permits.
* Please inquire directly about all other services.

Feel free to contact the office



Office address:

#1, 6th Floor,Alliance tower Z, 3-7 Tanoyu-machi, Beppu-shi, Oita-ken Japan 874-0909
TEL/FAX: 0977-24-2542

Feel free to contact the office 24 hours a day via email.
For telephone inquiries, please call +81- (0)977-24-2542. (Hours: 10:00 - 17:00) We may not be able to answer your call if we are out of the office or dealing with another client. Please leave a message or contact the office by email. Appointments are required for consultations. Appointments can be made online.


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